An interactive game to attract people to your stand

Attract Customers Engage with Customers Convert Leads

The Whiel is a unique game for attracting customers to your stand and collecting opt-in marketing data. The fully customisable application runs on a large 55'' curved TV and is great for product launches, exhibitions and after-show parties.

3 simple steps

01. Push

Our game appeals to every target audience. Who doesn’t want to win a big prize? All they have to do is press a big purple button to begin the fun.

02. Spin

The Whiel spins like a Las Vegas slot machine. The reels take eight seconds to land on a prize, just enough time to spark up a conversation.

03. Win

“Players walk away with a positive memory and hopefully a top prize. Our clients have given away prizes ranging from a pen to BMW I8.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the Whiel, they might have been answered already, but if not feel free to drop us a line.